by | Jul 3, 2023

This shortcode generates a form for submitting leads. The form includes fields for first name, email address, and two hidden fields for lead referrer and lead page. The attributes for this shortcode are:

– `fnametext`: The label for the first name input field (default: ‘First Name:’).

– `emailtext`: The label for the email address input field (default: ‘Email Address:’).

– `inputclass`: The class attribute for the input fields (default: ”).

– `buttonclass`: The class attribute for the submit button (default: ”).

– `buttontext`: The text to display in the submit button (default: ‘Submit’).

– `redirect`: The URL to redirect after form submission (not used in the code provided).

– `redirectreferid`: Adds a set referid on the lead_form’s page and appends it to the redirect url.