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[dbp_custom_link buttonclass="value" text="value" program="value"]

by | Jul 3, 2023

The dbp_custom_link shortcode creates a custom link based on the specified affiliate program. It supports several attributes to customize the behavior and appearance of the link.


  • buttonclass: (optional)
    The CSS class to be applied to the link. This allows you to style the link as a button or any other style defined in your CSS.
  • text:
    The text to be displayed in the link. This is the visible part of the link that users will click on.
  • program:
    The program name that should be used to fetch the link URL from the referral_field_affiliate_programs option. This ties the link to a specific affiliate program configured in your settings.
  • target: (optional)
    Allows you to specify where to open the linked document. Commonly used value is _blank to open the link in a new tab.
  • linkonly: (default: false)
    If set to true, the shortcode will output only the URL of the link without any HTML wrapping it. This is useful when you need just the URL for other purposes.
  • autoredirect: (default: false)
    If set to true, the page will automatically redirect to the URL when it loads. This can be useful for automatic forwarding to affiliate offers.
  • customlink: (optional)
    Allows you to set a custom URL while still using the DBP_AFFUID replacement value. This is useful for affiliate programs with multiple landing pages or custom tracking URLs.
  • addreferid: (default: false)
    If set to true, the shortcode will append the referrer ID to the URL. This is useful for passing the referrer information to the next site.

Example usage:

[dbp_custom_link text="Click here" program="example_program" buttonclass="btn-primary" target="_blank" addreferid="true"]