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Introducing DBP 1.4.0 Featuring Mail Mint Integration

by | Oct 14, 2023 | News & Announcements | 0 comments

We’re proud to introduce Downline Builder Plugin version 1.4.0 featuring Mail Mint integration!

One of the most requested features since the launch of our plugin was to integrate as many autoresponder services as we could, and after integrating Aweber and GetResponse, it was time for our personal favorite: Mail Mint.

Mail Mint is a WordPress plugin that enables site admins to manage their emails in a whole new way. Featuring native integration with the WordPress signup process, WooCommerce integration with granular controls, and so much more, it was only natural to add it to our list of integrations. We personally use it for all our projects, including the main Downline Builder Plugin!

Downline Builder Plugin's native Mail Mint integration

With this new autoresponder integration for Downline Builder Plugin, you’ll be able to easily add leads and members to a dedicated list, from where you can trigger automation, send campaigns, and keep in touch with your leads and members overall.

Additionally, you can add a new parameter to our [dbp_lead_form] shortcode, allowing you to create specific pages for specific offers, and add leads to a specific lists. This again allows you to send specific automations and campaigns to these leads, allowing for even more possibilities with your Downline Builder Plugin installation!

If you don’t configure a list ID in the shortcode, the new leads will simply be added to the main list you selected in the DBP Autoresponder settings page.

Add a mailmintlistid parameter to your dbp lead forms

The latest version of Downline Builder Plugin is now available for download in the members area, enjoy!

Aron & Sharon


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